Georgia ski touring
Georgia ski touring

Ski touring Georgia ★ Mestia ★ Svaneti

Join us on skitouring adventure in mystical Svaneti in Georgia

Why ski touring Georgia adventure with Lifetrek?

Lifetrek ski touring Georgia adventures are all about collecting memorable moments while having great winter holidays, no matter how old you are, whether you are single or in a relationship, you have a family or you are still in your high school/college years. We believe you came here because you are curious enough to try something new and exciting or you just wish to explore more about the mountain world you already entered. Welcome everyone!

For amateurs and professionals

A long activity season from December to April and diverse mountain landscapes of the Svaneti will be interesting for ski-tourism and snowboarding amateurs as well as for professionals. It is an amazing opportunity for backcountry novices to take a walk wearing snowshoes or using a splitboard and feel like an explorer.

Various routes

There are different spots available: plate glaciers and valley-type slopes allow riders to choose which routes appeal to them more.

Wonderfull place

Svanetia, wilderness and remoteness from civilization give an opportunity to feel like a pioneer, to discover an entertaining world of skitouring and to see with your own eyes primordial nature of Caucasus.


Diversity of activities consists of seasonal factors which is why each rider can get satisfaction from routes. Drop cliffs, glaciers, untouched fresh snow and high mountains – all of it you will find in the Svan country.


We customize your holidays in a way you get the most out of the ski touring experience for your needs. Ski touring in Georgia is not only something we do for fun or work, it is our way of life and we are here to introduce you to how to live ski touring life from the inside out. We bet, you will love it.


There is always a bunch of interesting people in our guest house for you to embrace new friendships. Most of all you will meet new people who share the same interests for nature and mountains. It is also a great way to gather your friends or family members and have some real winter bonding time.


Lifetrek is all about living in, breathing in nature. We take care of the clean mountains and clean ground so we do as little environmental damage on our ski touring days as possible. Our groups are always small so we don’t disturb nature life. When we leave the mountain there are only good memories left with no litter.


Visiting Svan country alone is unforgettable without anything else. It is a land of diversity, mountain peaks, passionate people and outstanding culinary delights. Trips to Ushguli add some extra great experiences to your winter vacation. When you are tired of ski touring or skiing Mestia offers numerous activities, from museums to nice bars.

“Good ski touring day in Alps is an average day in Svaneti”

Robin Castle, Ireland

Ski touring in Georgia - Svan Country


The valley between mountain peaks of Higher Caucasus and its gem Mestia is our base for Georgian ski touring adventure. Ideal position of our guest house is amazing whether you are ski touring or just enjoying the winter days in the mountains. Walks around the town are much fun for everyone who like to fell real Svaneti. Just a 10 minute walk from our house you will find ski lift Hatsvali with real quality ski slopes.


Our Guest house has some private rooms, double rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms and also rooms suitable for bigger companies. Every room is equipped with its own bathroom. We provide linen and towels. Our guest house has a common place when we can gather in the evening or during the day, you will also find a terrace for relaxing, although it might be cold it is always nice to seat on fresh air and admiring nearby mountain peaks.


We serve 3 main meals per day – breakfast, lunch-box and dinner. In between, there are several snacks available for you. Empower your ski touring day in the morning by having a wide array of fresh fruits, muesli, freshly baked bread, yogurts, etc. served for breakfast. Dinner are a wholesome meal – containing lots of veggies and other various healthy and local food ingredients. We provide vegetarian and vegan options for all meals too. That you stay strong during a day we provide you a lunch-box with some fruits, eggs, cheese and bread.


Safety is taken very seriously and all our guides have a valid license and mountain rescue course. With our guides, you will first learn (if needed) the ski touring theory and, most importantly, spend a lot of time on the mountain and skiing the untouched snow. Ski touring days in Georgia are delivered by our best guides. Once you experience ski touring in Caucasus you are hooked for life..

Our Accommodation in Mestia

Dates and Prices – Ski touring in Georgia (Fixed Departures)

# Dates Price
1 30.12.2024 - 06.01.2024 1248 €
1 06.01.2024 - 13.01.2024 1148 €
2 13.01.2024 - 20.01.2024 1148 €
3 20.01.2024 - 27.01.2024 1148 €
4 27.01.2024 - 03.02.2024 1148 €
5 03.02.2024 - 10.02.2024 1148 €
6 10.02.2024 - 17.02.2024 1148 €
7 17.02.2024 - 24.02.2024 1148 €
8 24.02.2024 - 02.03.2024 1148 €
9 02.03.2024 - 09.03.2024 1148 €
10 09.03.2024 - 16.03.2024 1148 €
11 16.03.2024 - 23.03.2024 1148 €
12 23.03.2024 - 30.03.2024 1148 €


  • Transfer from and to airport (Kutaisi airport - 1 transfer per day at around noon)
  • Transfers for needs of ski touring program,
  • Accommodation in Mestia 6x, Kutaisi 1x,
  • Breakfast, lunch-box, dinner (starts with dinner in Mestia, ends with breakfast in Kutaisi),
  • Ski lifts if needed for ski touring program,
  • Professional guide 5 days (max 6 attendants to one guide - IFMGA or GMGA licence),
  • Agency representative in Mestia


  • Private transfer from Kutaisi to Mestia 200 € (per way per van),
  • Pick up and drop of in Tbilisi 200 € (per way per van on a route Tbilisi to Kutaisi),
  • Ski touring trip to Ushguli 2 days 80 € (per person, minimum 6 people attending),
  • Renting probe, shovel and transceiver 10 € per day


  • Flight to and from Kutaisi airport,
  • Meals when it is not mentioned,
  • Drinks,
  • Personal equipment,
  • Personal expenses,
  • Entrances to museums and other extra activities,
  • Everything what is not specifically included


  • Insurance with coverage for mountain rescue,
  • Arriving to and departing from Kutaisi airport,
  • Avalanche set is required on tour


Our weekly plan – but you need to know, that due to conditions plan can change. Some days can be modified and also we can change location of the ski-touring program on that specific day.


Pick*up at Kutaisi airport. Upon arrival we will wait for other participants and then we are on the way to Mestia. We will stop in the last town before Svaneti, called Zugdidi. There we can exchange money (exchange rate is much better that one at airport or in Mestia). Afterwards we drive to Mestia with one stop, where we can have our firs hachapuri and a cup of coffee or tea. Evening arrival to Mestia, where Nino is waiting for us and serves as a fresh dinner. Later in the evening we have a meeting with our guides. Free time for walking in city center.


Our first day on Svaneti snow is done on a ski-resort Tetnuldi. Chairlift takes us to 3280 meters and from there we have around 700 meters of freeride skiing in a powder. Purpose of this day is, firstly that you check your equipment, that you get familiarized with a snow conditions and altitude. Also our guides will check your fitness and knowledge so we can adjust level of difficulty for next days. We do two rides that way and later we do our first easy skitouring. From the last stop of the chairlift we do some 300 meters of ascent to a nearby saddle. Descent following has more than 1000 meters of enjoying on powder snow, as we finish at the lowest station of the ski-lift.


After breakfast we drive to near village of Mazeri, where we can start with our skitouring for this day. Scenery is more then perfect as we get closer and closer to magnificent mount Ushba with every step that we make. Usually we do between 1000 – 1400 meters of ascent – depend of the conditions and fitness of the group. Descent is to the same village as we started. At the local bar we order well deserved beer. Driving to and from Mazeri takes around 45 minutes each way.


After breakfast we drive to near village of Lahili. Today we are ascending on a slope of mount Laila – which has more then 4000 meters – and it is ideal summit for reaching 4000+ in the summer months. Our goal is not a summit but pass which has the same name – Laila Pass. Usually we do between 1000 – 1400 meters of ascent – depend of the conditions and fitness of the group. Descent is to the same village as we started. At the local bar we order well deserved beer. Driving to and from Lahili takes around 30 minutes each way.


Ushguli is really a gem in Svaneti, it is a highest settlement in Europe which is permanently settled. Drive from Mesti to Ushguli is experience of its own. We will need little less then 3 hours each way – but its worth it. So day will start a bit earlier then other days. This day we have many possibilities for skitouring and we will find the best route for your knowledge and condition. After skitouring we drive back to Mestia or we can stay there for another day. Evenings there are magical.


This day you are free to ski on your own. You can walk to a skilift Hatsvali or take a ride to Tetnuldi. Hatsvali is a skilift some 10 minutes walking from our guesthouse and it has some really nice slopes. If group decides to stay in Usguli we will do skitouring there – whole day program. Ushguli’s advantege is that, this is the only time that we can simply put up our gear and start with ascent – no driving needed.


The last day of skitouring, but we will do one superb ride as well. Today we will take a Tetnuldi chairlift again and we will enjoy a perfect ride to a village Adishi. You can expect more then 1400 meters of descent. Village Adishi is authentic svan village and gets a lot of hiker during the summer as it is on a way Mestia to Ushguli trek. Driving to Tetnuldi takes some 45 minutes and returning from Adishi takes more then hour and a half. Later that evening we are leaving Svaneti behind and are returning to Kutaisi


After a sleep in Kutaisi it is time to head to the airport. We will organize everything that you will be on time. If you have departures in the afternoon you can explore ex-capital of Georgia. Market is a must-do while you are there.

How to get to us